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Who We Are


Growing up around cars is something as common as going to school for most of us. No matter your secular influence or social outlook; cars are one thing we are all enthused by. I can’t remember my first Tonka truck or Hot Wheel, but I remember investing hour after hour into how to modify them. I didn’t do so well with the Tonka truck, but my brother and I were able to master modifying the Hot Wheel. We learned how to lower them and even raise them up by bending the axles. We also used to cut out car pictures from magazines and trim around the wheels to make our own lowrider posters.

Being fascinated with how to modify Chevy’s we hung out with all the older guys to learn what everything did and what it was called. I never could understand why they needed “donuts” or why the cylinder would pop out the donut. The answer to that is in the old-school history books. But I will share it with you.

Back in the day the cylinder lowriders used were from aircraft and most if not, all were aluminum. The donuts were cut out by hand and did not fit tightly around the cylinder to butt up to the base, so when the cylinder was installed in the car the forces from the hydraulics would cause the donut to flex to the point the cylinder would pop out and damage the hood. This was before the strokes of today were available. Back then everything was hand fabricated and upgraded by trial and error! As we have matured, we are more careful with our cars and our lives especially when it comes to the art of lowriding.

So as a pledge to my cousin, may he Rest in Peace, for which I was his ‘Trunk Man’, we ride worry-free, having done the due diligence and research to be all in the game. From the charger to the solenoid, from the fluid to the switch “LOWRIDER SOLUTIONS” has pledged to be your Trunk Man to keep you up to date with product innovations and technical insights that not only meet but exceed your Lowrider needs. This is not just a business to us but a lifestyle and we’re all in.

Everybody knows a good switchman, but you can’t always find a good trunk man. Mainly because most of them have their own shop and are dedicated to servicing their own club and affiliations and are too busy to troubleshoot something they didn’t install. That’s one of our solutions and the basic mission of Lowrider Solutions is to bring innovation, safety, and reliability to lowriding.

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