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Car Hydraulics: What you need to know

65 Impala - Lowrider Solutions
Hydraulics and the Lowrider

Photo by Miikka Järvinen

Bouncing cars are quite a common sight in movies and television shows, and the technology behind them is known as hydraulics. This is not an easy process that any automobile workshop can perform, but an expensive procedure that needs to be carried out by experts.

A vehicle that has had car hydraulics installed is referred to as a lowrider. Many cylinders are used in the creation of a lowrider, and each cylinder is expensive, but the costly customization results in the ability of the driver to ride back and front and side to side as well as on just three wheels.

The application of exterior and interior modifications can even transform some large classic cars from the 50s into lowrider vehicles. Lowriders are situated lower to the floor but can be raised by pressing a button, although vehicles such as these should not be drive at a higher speed than fifteen kilometers per hour as they can become very difficult to control, potentially resulting in serious damage.

A lowrider can contain switches of as few as just three or as many as twenty four on the control panel that is situated at the front of the vehicle, with each one dedicated to carrying out certain operations.

These operations can include different movements such as lowering or lifting the four corners of the vehicle, riding on three wheels, lowering or lifting sides, lowering or lifting the front or the rear, and lowering or lifting the whole car.

Those looking for hydraulics for Lowrider cars should check out Lowrider Solutions first.

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